Our Herd Sire

SD Eldorado


Gray Stallion | 14.1 hh (Ee,Gg, nSb1) PSSM: Negative

SD Eldorado was born in the United Kingdom at the famous SD Farms in 2014, we flew him here in 2017 to be one of our herd sires. We are very honored to have this beautiful, kind stallion here at Peace of Serenity Ranch. He started his journey in the USA with 90 days of training in North Carolina with Michael Lyons Horsemanship and since he’s been at our ranch, we have continued his training. Look for his first foals to be born here in the spring of 2019.

SD Excalibur


SD Excalibur

Carries Black/Red, Sabino, Grey, and Appaloosa


SD Eldorado x SD Connies Babe

Simply the Best linage


Excited to see this colt grow

A colt we are proud and honored to have as part of our herd

Up and coming stallion

PSR Fortunate Storm


Born 2016 

Sire: Desert Jewel Coates Fortune

Dam: SD Summer Love

Ee, nCr, n/Sb1~PSSM n/n

SD Spartacus


Born 2018 

Sire: SD Gamble

Dam: SD Copper Queen

Ee.nCr~PSSM n/n

PSR Midnight Vortex


Born 2019

Sire: PSR Perfect Prince

Mare: Lady Muirean

Ee ~ PSSM n/n

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